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LADIES NIGHT:Saturday, November 12, 2016 6p.m.ó10p.m. Wide Variety of Vendors, Chinese Auction, Games of Chance, Pasta Bar & Dessert, Wine, Fun & Laughter SPECIAL: 20 Tables are in reserve, Seats 8 for you & your friends for $300. All other tables/seating available as you arrive. Tickets $30 presale or $35 at the door. All Proceeds benefit St. Joseph School!

Religious Education
Class: 10-30-16
Child Protection: 11-06-16
Need Religious Education Registration, please contact Judy & Norm Wolbert at OR 226-8399

SPONSOR OF THE WEEK: ďKalyumet CampgroundĒ. Please patronize those who advertise in our bulletin.

School News
Sports Raffle: 10-23-16
Book Fair: 10-24 thru 27-16
End of Quarter: 10-26-16
1/2 days Parent-Teacher Conference 11/2-3/16
School Registration: call 226-8018 or email:

Parish News
Rectory Hours: Monday thru Friday, 11 to 1
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HALLOWEEN SQUARE DANCE: Featuring The Square Rood Band At St. Joseph Hall, Lucinda Saturday, October 29th Lessons Begin at 7:30p.m. Dance 8p.m.ó11p.m. $8 a person / $15 a couple, Kids 12 & under $5.00. COSTUMES ENCOURAGED. Benefits St. Joseph School, Lucinda

Turkey and Ham Shoot:
Will be held at the Antler Club Rifle Range, Sunset Drive, Lucinda Every Wednesday:
October 26th, November 2nd, November 9th, November 16th. All beginning at 6p.m. Cost is $1.00 per shot. A turkey or ham will be given away every round. A 50/50 round will also be held. All ages welcome & open to the public. Sponsored by the Antler Club of Lucinda

Lucinda Area Fall Sportsmanís Raffle Sunday, October 23rd starts at 12p.m. Cash Prizes, 50/50, Guns, Raffles and more. Benefits: Lucinda Antler Club & St. Joseph School 

Farmington Twp. Volunteer Fire Co. Super Bingo: November 6th, doors open at 12. Tickets: $20 presale & $25 at door. Call: Ilene 744-9322, Jana 744-8416, John 744-9658

Free Community Health Screening: Prostate screening for men 50 or older (history) 40 or older. Wed., Nov 2nd 5-7p.m. Clarion Community MedicineóUPMC. 22681 Route 68, Clarion PA 16214. Call: 814-677-1463 OR 1-800-422-8888

Venango Catholic High School Roast Beef Dinner. Sunday, November 6th , 11:30a.m.ó2p.m. $1000 Grand Prize Raffle, Chinese Auction & Bake Stand. $10 dinner includes two Grand Prize Raffle Chances. $7 dinner for one Takeoutís available

Attitude is ďwhere itís at.Ē For attitude is more than opinion, perspective, or viewpoint. Itís 
also bearing, demeanor, manner, even posture. And yet, itís one of those crucial qualities that is beyond externals. Clothes, for example, can speak an attitude, but attitude goes beyond clothes. You can get by with the wrong clothes, but not with the wrong attitude. 
Things like clothes donít make the person. Attitude does. 
For attitude is something on the inside that cannot stay inside, something that always comes outside to affect relations and relationships. Attitude is how a person is before others and with others. Todayís readings speak to the attitude required of the person of faith. 

Thirty-First Sunday In Ordinary Time
Sunday, October 30, 2016

Lec. 153
Wisdom 11:22-12:2
2 Thessalonians 1:11-2:2
Luke 19:1-10
Liturgy of the Word:
The Book of Wisdom reminds us that God has mercy on all because he loves all that he has made, and his Spirit is in all things.
The Second reading exhorts us to pray for one another always.
In the Gospel, Jesus sees the tax collector Zacchaeus, and, after hearing his promise of repentance and restitution, assures him of salvation. 
Itís sad how a wrong attitude can destroy the good we try to do. 
Itís well that we try to fast, tithe, and pray as did the Pharisee, but we must do so with the attitude of the tax collector, yearning for Godís mercy and loving those whom the Lord loves: sinners like us. 
In yearning to be like God, letís be careful not to make the mistake of being ashamed of being human. Being human is a good attitude. After all, itís one that Jesus took. It kept him focused on God. So, when we gather together in the same house of God at prayer, at worship, letís not stand apart. We need to huddle together, close enough to see in ourselves and one another a little of the Pharisee and a little of the tax collector, and to pray to a merciful God for all of us.
Is the virtue of humility a value in your life? Should it be?
Do you think a person can ďearnĒ salvation? Why or why not?
Whatís easier for you to rely on, merit or mercy? 

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